Antiperspirant Products

For those people playing sports, working outside on a daily basis, or who sweat a lot, finding a good antiperspirant can be a necessary requirement even to get through everyday life.

It can be difficult to find the right one to satisfy your needs however if you do not know much about the different types of antiperspirant products that are available, and what each one does specifically. I will outline some of the bigger brand names in deodorant, and give an overview of the different types.

What Makes Antiperspirants Work

Antiperspirants mainly work through the aluminum based compound found in the ingredients. This compound may be aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum chloride, and is drawn into the sweat cells. The action of the compound being drawn into the cell forces it to swell and close. By closing these cells, sweat is prevented from getting out, causing the antiperspirant effect.

Types of Deodorants

Not all antiperspirant products were created equal (or even close to each other for that matter.) In fact, some deodorants don’t seem to work at all, such as the kind one might find at the dollar store, or at bargain pricing. Bargain priced deodorants are priced as they are for a reason, and usually this isn’t a good one.

There are a few different types of antiperspirant products, and each has a specific job when it comes to stop you from perspiring.

Antiperspirant Alone

The first type of antiperspirant product is just an antiperspirant. This type of deodorant (antiperspirant product) is only used to stop sweating during daily tasks, both inside and outside. This type of product is mainly used by those who don’t want a specific smell permeating their workday, but is also used for those who are allergic to scented antiperspirants.

Antiperspirant and Deodorant

The second type of antiperspirant product also has deodorant. This type of product is used to both stop sweating, and leave a lingering smell on and around the applied area. Since this product is usually used under the arms and in the armpits, the deodorant is usually only noticed when one raises their arms, but some deodorants were made stronger, in order to permeate clothing as well.

Deodorant Alone

Using a deodorant with no antiperspirant will leave the good smelling fragrances behind, but does not help with sweating in the least. Since the chemical that actually clogs the sweat glands is not present in this type of product, a deodorant alone doesn’t help with the overall factor of sweating that daily work (especially in the heat) may leave.

A deodorant may be alright when doing something during the night, but an antiperspirant is recommended during the daytime.

To learn more about the different brands and types of antiperspirant and exactly how they work, visit the sites listed below, and find out more for yourself: