Month: December 2018

Time Zones

Time Zone Map

The planet Earth is divided into a specific number of time zones. A majority of these existing time zones are seen as exactly one hour apart which results in calculating their local times by a convection of a direct offset from Coordinated Universal Time(UTC) or Greenwich Mean Time(GMT). Due to the various locations these experienced […]


Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time commonly referred to as DST is observed as the change in local time to effectively increase the productivity of the daylight hours by effecting sunrise to be observed as as hour earlier than normal and sunset one hour later. Though this routine has been in effect for over one hundred years, the […]

Time Zones

Time Zone Converter

Time zones are regions of the Earth seen to display a uniform and standard local time generally for social, legal and commercial purposes. These time zones are seen as an effective measure to allow commercial areas in close proximity of each other to be defined by the same local time thus allowing an easier method […]