Month: November 2018

Time Zones

Time Zones Explained

To effectively measure and utilize time, people worldwide would be required to identify the noon as that instance when the Sun is at its highest or crossing over the meridian. Without the use of time zones this task is almost impossible to achieve. Considering the fact that the Earth completes its rotation at a rate […]


Atomic Clock

The atomic clock used today is one of the most detailed and accurate means of measuring units of time and are becoming increasingly important with the advancement of scientific technology worldwide. The atomic clock is a device which uses an electronic transition frequency similar to that used in the microwave to effectively calculate time. An […]


Greenwich Mean Time

With the evolution of Great Britain as a maritime advanced nation, British mariners were observed in maintaining at least one of their chronometers respectively set to Greenwich Mean Time. This practice allowed them to perform specific calculations in longitudinal value from the Greenwich meridian which was incidentally by convection observed to be defined as having […]


Time Change 2014 and 2015

The term Time Zone has been known to place a specific emphasis to any of the existing 24 regions located on the planet’s surface, which have been divided by lines of longitude, each consisting of a standard time. The exact number of precise time zones has been a topic of debate among several scientific researchers, […]